We are your Carpentry renovation experts

Kitchens are just one of Chop and Chisel’s long list of professional services. Chop and Chisel build hand made kitchens that enable you to fully customize your design and layout. You can choose from a whole range of cabinets and heat resistant bench tops. Available in a range of materials, for example: Granite, Stainless Steel, Tiled, Timber (e.g. Oak & Iroko) and laminated.

We can completely redesign the layout of your kitchen to suit your needs. We can demolish and build walls if you want a bigger room or if you just want to change the shape of your existing kitchen. Just let us know what you want and we will be happy to get it done.

Design is everything. We want to help you design your dream kitchen the way you want it, with all the appliances you want in it, we can house it all.

Kitchen Sink Area