Carpentry is our forte. Joe & I (Stefan) are both fully qualified carpenters with around 30 years experience between us & that’s with out the rest of our team backing us up (head over to the team page to meet the team). Over those 30 years there aren’t many problems we haven’t come across so you can almost guarantee we will have or will come up with the answer to your problem or dream.  We strive for excellence & perfection & love the challenge of being the best & always satisfying our customers. We of course don’t stop at carpentry but that I have to say is where we are the best. 

Framing & Roofing (caucusing)

Framing & Roofing carpentry go hand in hand & in our view are the best most efficient way to build in this day & age. With the speed at which the frame can be built & the insulation values that go with it you have the perfect base for your building, whether it be your home or any other building. At Chop & Chisel these types of build are what we live for. We love getting a pile of timber, & chopping it up to make it into a proper water tight & warm building. once you’ve chosen a Chop & Chisel timber frame you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you made the right choice.

Finishing & custom carpentry

Finishing carpentry is anything that is going to be on show, so: 

  • Doors
  • Architraves
  • Skirting
  • Cladding
  • Wainscoting
  • Shelving
  • Wardrobes (see handmade)
  • Kitchen fitting
  • Wooden floors (laminate & solid)
  • Balustrades

The list is endless & there is nothing wood we can’t achieve.