About Chop and Chisel


We are your Carpentry renovation experts.

One day Mr Chop & Mr Chisel were in the pub. Mr Chop said to Mr Chisel “why don’t we work together?” Mr Chisel said “That sounds like a great idea!” And so Chop & Chisel was born!

Chop & Chisel are actually brothers who were brought up in Saffron Walden Essex. We now service the Cambridge, Essex and London areas plying our trade with hard work, the best knowledge & the best craft.

We seek to provide an excellent service to improve your home or office. We offer every home improvement possible, from doing some simple decking to completely renovating or building your house.

Every renovation job is important to us at Chop and Chisel, big or small. We offer extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the building trade and strive to make our customers new and existing feel as comfortable as possible during the transformation or renovation of your home or office. We can take your project from start to finish with professional working standards, finishing as quickly as possible for your convenience, without cutting corners.

Our professional list of services are endless when it comes to your building needs. Decking, House building, Renovation, Carpentry, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Floors, Tiling, Windows, Doors, Pergolas, Verandas, Carports, Fencing, Roof carpentry, Roof plumbing etc. There is literally nothing we at Chop & Chisel can’t do. 

Just give us a call without any obligation and you wont be disappointed.

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